Introducing the Writer Referral Program

published on October 10th, 2017

I'm putting in a new referral-based program to help both you and your favorite writers benefit (read: earn cold hard cash) from joining the Zarf platform. How does it work? You refer your favorite writers to Zarf. Once they've successfuly registered as a publisher, you'll both recieve $10.00 and have the $12.00 beta fee waived.

How do I refer a writer?

Reach out to the writer that you are interested in referring and have them fill out this form. Be sure that you give them your email address. Once the referral has been submitted, both you and the referee will get an email with next steps.

When do I recieve the referral bonus?

You'll recieve the referral bonus once the writer your referred has successfully registered as a publisher and created their first publication. If you are the referree, you'll recieve the referral bonus once you've created your first publication.

What if I am already a member of the beta?

You won't have your $12.00 beta fee refunded or waived, but you will recieve the $10.00 referral bonus.

How many writers can I refer?

You can refer up to 5 writers.

What can writers publish on Zarf?

Writers on Zarf can publish original fiction and non-fiction content.

If you have any other questions about the Writer Referral Program, you can send me an email.



Founder of Zarf