Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the beta cost?

$12 USD.

What if I cannot afford the beta fee?

If you cannot afford the beta fee and are interested in being a publisher on the platform, contact us and we'll figure something out.

What perks do I get for participating on the beta?

Publishers who are part of the Zarf beta have the opportunity to participate in the Early Adopters Referral Program. Depending on how many subscribers a writer refers to their publication, they will receive a reduced commission rate for one year after the trial ends. Beta participants will also have the opportunity to drive key product decisions.

In what countries is the beta available?

The beta is available to publishers within the United States and subscribers worldwide.

Can I cancel my participation in the beta?

You can cancel your participation in the beta up to 14 days after you register. If you paid the $12 beta fee, it will be refunded to you. All your publications, posts, subscribers, and account details will be permanently removed from the system. You can contact us via email to cancel your participation in the beta.

How much does Zarf take in processing fees on subscriptions?

Zarf takes 4.9% of all subscription transactions. Publishers consume any payment processing fees and retain the rest of the transaction cost.

How much does Zarf take in processing fees on one-time purchases of posts?

Zarf takes 9.8% of all one-time purchase transactions on posts. Publishers consume any payment processing fees and retain the rest of the transaction cost.

What happens to posts on my feed if I unsubscribe from the publication they are in?

Subscribers retain access to posts they received during a subscription even after they cancel the subscription. For example, if a subscriber is subscribed to a publication for 3 months during which time 8 posts are published, the subscriber will retain those posts on their feed after unsubscribed. The subscriber will not have access to new posts on that publication after that time.

How is this different from Medium?

Medium is a content hosting platform where users can post content that is freely available. Medium has a Partner Program where writers can be paid for their content but there is no transparency into how subscription fees are allocated to paid writers. Zarf has a transparent payment structure for both subscriptions and one-time purchases.

How is this different from Patreon?

Patreon is a patronage system, Zarf is a subscription content marketplace.

How is this different from a Wordpress subscriptions plugin?

Zarf reduces the hassle of having to configure subscriptions for your content. You can sit back and do what you do best!

How can I contact Zarf?

You can send an email to

Who is behind Zarf?

Zarf is built and run by the one-woman team of Safia Abdalla. Safia has been writing software since she was 13-years old and is passionate about building minimalist products that have a meaningful impact.